June Artist of the Month at Nervous Dog, Akron & Nervous Dog, Stow

The June Artist of the Month at Nervous Dog, Akron & Nervous Dog, Stow is BaileyAnne Ferance.

Artist Statement for the pieces at Nervous Dog, Akron:

The concentration of this series is based on the repercussions of industrialization, more specifically the deforestation that occurs. Forests are ostensibly important to the human race; yet we still destroy what little we do have of them in order to build more for ourselves. As a community we seem to have lost the awareness of nature’s significance. Through my art I am attempting to remind people that deforestation is not only destructive to the communities that live in them but also to ourselves.

April Artist of the Month at Nervous Dog, Stow

During the months of March and April, we had our own talented barista, Franklin Brown, as the Artist of the Month at Nervous Dog, Stow.

Artist Statement:

Three Churches: Iceland, Switzerland, Estonia

These paintings are ironic: the focal points of the scenes—the churches—aren’t really even there; the church walls are blank space, and the rooves and steeples are black. In contrast to the vibrant backgrounds of each painting, the churches are stark, rigid, and seem a little out of place. I’m making a comment…

The other miscellaneous pieces

The idea of “becoming”—that pieces are always falling into place, that the new is made of the remnants of the old, that the old and the new are essentially the same, that things have to be seen from far away to be seen clearly—is one of my favorites. I don’t think I intended for these paintings to be grouped together, but they all seem to fall within the bounds of this theme, some more obviously than others. For some, it is the use of squares as building blocks; for some, it was the process of creating a form out of jumbled layers of light levels; for some, it was my personal experience at that moment.

Come September, I will be starting my MSc in Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland. Follow the link (https://www.gofundme.com/franklin-in-edinburgh) to read the full story.

Feel free to inquire at any of our locations about connecting with Franklin and purchasing/commissioning his art.

April Artist of the Month at Nervous Dog, Akron

Brittany Cherkes is the current Artist of the Month at Nervous Dog, Akron.

Artist Statement:

This series of work was recently created by local artist, Brittany Cherkes. She uses a variety of different materials, tools, and processes to explore her ideas. This group of paintings is the beginning of her exploration of the combination of resin and paint, powdered pigments, and other materials.

Brittany graduated with her BFA from Bowling Green State University in December of 2012. She has been a working artist living and creating new pieces in the Akron and Cleveland area since 2013.


You may contact Brittany at [email protected]

Website: brittanyleecherkes.com


Brittany’s work is available for sale at the shop.


Beachwood Grand Opening!


We are THRILLED to announce the opening of our 3rd location in Beachwood! We’ve planted our wee, furry derrière at La Place Shopping Center, on the corner of Richmond and Cedar Road by Beachwood Place Mall… around back, we share a patio with Mitchell’s Ice Cream (um, yeah- Pavlov wouldn’t have needed that bell in this case. YUM)

We’ve already quietly lit up the ‘open’ sign… wanted to make sure we didn’t forget anything before making too much noise… so far, so good!

And whoa- check it out… press!  Local media has been a huge support, in getting the word out, and we are grateful:

Cleveland Jewish News



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Enjoy the outdoor patio seating on warmer days; read the paper, a book, the label on your scarf. (Agreed, 'poly blend' sounds redundant; try not to overthink it.)

Chill out for a few. Work on that presentation, meet a colleague, pick up a game of Scrabble, stare at the wall and daydream, sip your coffee and enjoy the local artist of the month's work featured on our walls.

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