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Ok; 'thrilled'... perhaps a wee hyperbolic?  Guess that better describes how I'd feel if my 4 supermodel jazz singing Nobel Peace Laureate tropical-island-mates won the SuperLotto with me.

So- how about 'generally enthusiastic'. Yeah, that. Read on, it gets worse...

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(inset) - Amy and her trusty bassoon, leaning wearily against the Wailing Wall after completing her grueling hike from Akron OH to Jerusalem

Local philanthropist Amy recently took fundraising to a whole new level when she completed a hike from Akron to Jerusalem, carrying only her bassoon.
We were finally able to catch up with her and were granted an exclusive interview after offering her a free upsize on any brewed cup of the world's freshest, most aromatic Nervous Dog Coffee.
'Ok, so I did this to help raise money for Golden Doodles, or Labradoodles, or whatever they're called… those big half poodle, half other dog things'. Why Labra-golden-doodles, we wondered?labradoodle
''Affirmative action programs have exerted a substantial negative effect on some of the more mainstream breeds, not to mention the white man', she explains.
'Sure, everybody is focused on supporting breast cancer research, or some pretty hungry looking international kids with gray hair and beady little eyes for only 30c per day.rush
She added, '..while Obamacare may be completely unrelated, I like to cite that as one of the drivers of the funding shortfalls. It's a fun new word to say, and most folks are willing to blame almost anything on it.'
We decided to make a weak attempt at wrapping this up, and inquired - of all things, why she chose to carry a bassoon on her journey?
'Granted; it's a horrible sound, like a wounded deer with its throat closed off kinda humming through their miserable little noses. And it kinda looks like a hiking stick. At any rate, that whole 'hike to Israel with a french horn' thing is a wee overused'.
'When I first started out, I had to walk through Barberton, and I was confronted by a group of kids that in my haze I imagined were highway robbers, and I was Ali Baba, only with a woodwind and they were sorta only hanging out riding bikes and stuff. Fortunately, I remembered the whole 'throw down the staff and turn into a serpent' thing. Mind you, at this point, the kids just stared in wonder and not just a little concern'.chickenDance
'Ok, so it didn't turn into a serpent, but more like a horizontal bassoon on the sidewalk. Light on my feet, I snatched it up and started playing a remixed version of 'The Chicken Dance', which caused the not robber kids to involuntarily strut around and flap their arms, especially during the quack quack movement.
Da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK'. Yeah, it's stuck in our heads now, too. Whatever.
Please stop into a Nervous Dog location (she now works at both), and congratulate Amy on whatever it is she claims to have done. Nod politely, don't look her directly in the eye, and enjoy a cup of the finest, most delicious brew in the whole wide world. 

logo-for-web1Nervous Dog Coffee Bar & Roaster opened its doors in September of 2006. Since our inception, Nervous Dog was different. Not just the same old chain in a different package, but truly set apart from the others. More than just an atmosphere to work, unwind or check out music and live events. More than the wide array of drinks hand-crafted by any of our expert baristas, using the finest coffees from local roasters and small, organic growers, or the best locally baked and deli items.

Yes, it's much more than that. So much that you voted us Best in Akron every year since we were just a pup. It's truly a place where you can: Come, Sit, Stay.

We do not aspire to compete with the corporate giants - we are quite content to let them duke it out with the other high margin, fast food chains. We regard other independent shops as colleagues, not competitors - we all celebrate involvement in local schools, charities, businesses - our town, our community, our priority.

We custom roast our beans at least twice per week... these have not aged while shipping from the West Coast. Come into our shop and drink a cup of coffee that was roasted on site, or take home a pound of beans still hot off the roaster if you time it well. We use the highest quality ingredients - Ghirardelli chocolate, Torani syrups, and organically grown and processed beans from the highest quality small plantations all over the world. We buy our baked goods from local, family-owned bakeries. And we're environmentally conscious, supporting Lights Out Akron, Sierra Club, Humane Society, local schools, charities, and other independently-owned businesses - we live here, too.


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