Nervous Dog Food and Beverage Menu

Current Promo: Happy Hour! 4/10-5/30: Receive a complimentary upsize on iced/blended drinks, valid Monday-Thursday, 4-9pm.

    • ND Signature Lattes

      Available hot, iced or blended. 4.05, 4.45

    • Triple Threat

      Butterscotch, vanilla & hazelnut

    • Nutty Irish

      Hazelnut & Irish crème

    • Harvest Spice

      Hazelnut, gingerbread & pumpkin spice

    • Apple Pie

      Apple, brown sugar cinnamon & caramel

    • ND Signature Mochas

      Available hot, iced or blended. 4.35, 4.75

    • Black & White Mocha

      Dark & white chocolate

    • Snickers

      Dark chocolate, caramel & hazelnut

    • Bonfire Mocha

      Dark chocolate, brown sugar cinnamon & toasted marshmallow

    • Coco's Caramel Drizzle

      Dark chocolate & caramel

    • Traditional Offerings

      *Available hot, iced, or blended.

    • Cafe Latte*

      3.05, 3.75, 4.05

      Steamed milk & espresso

    • Cafe Mocha*

      3.55, 3.95, 4.35

      Steamed milk, espresso & dark chocolate

    • Cappuccino

      3.55, 3.95, 4.35

      Equal parts foam, steamed milk & espresso

    • Americano*

      2.25, 2.65, 3.05

      Hot water & espresso

    • Espresso

      1.95, 2.25, 2.65

      Single, double, triple

    • Espresso Macchiato


      Two shots of espresso topped with a dollop of foam

    • Breve

      3.85, 4.25, 4.55

      Latte made with steamed half 'n' half

    • White Mocha*

      3.75, 4.15, 4.55

      Steamed milk, espresso & steamed milk

    • Freshly Brewed Coffee

      1.95, 2.35, 2.65

      We offer four drip coffees every day: House Blend, House Decaf Blend, Single Origin (rotates daily) & Flavor (rotates daily)

    • Iced Coffee

      2.35, 2.65

      15 hour cold brew made with our House Blend

    • Red Eye*

      2.55, 2.95, 3.25

      Coffee with a shot of espresso (we offer Black Eyes & Cross Eyes, too)

    • Cafe Au Lait

      2.65, 2.85, 3.05

      Equal parts coffee & steamed milk

    • Pup & Dog Frapps

      Blended espresso-based beverages made with Ghirardelli sauces and Torani syrups. 4.55, 4.95

    • Raspberry Vanilla

      White chocolate, raspberry, almond & vanilla

    • Monkey Dog

      Dark chocolate & banana

    • Mocha Dog

      Dark chocolate

    • Caramel Nut

      Caramel & hazelnut

    • Milano Mint

      Dark chocolate & peppermint

    • Sled Dog

      White chocolate & vanilla

    • Coffee Alternatives

    • Chai Latte

      3.25, 3.85, 4.45

      Chai powder & steamed milk

    • Hot Cocoa

      3.05, 3.55, 4.05

      Dark chocolate, cocoa powder & steamed milk

    • Gourmet Cocoas


      Modern, gourmet 8 oz. take on a traditional favorite. Made with real ingredients and decadent half ‘n’ half

    • Fruit Smoothies

      4.55, 4.95

      All-natural strawberry, banana, four berry, & mango (or any combination)

    • Iced & Hot Teas

      2.15, 295

      We have large selection of black, green, and herbal Harney & Sons tea

    • Italian Sodas

      2.65, 2.95

      Seltzer & Torani syrup

    • Cremosas

      2.95, 3.25

      Seltzer, Torani syrup & half 'n' half

    • Steamer

      1.85, 2.05, 2.55

      Steamed milk with Torani syrup

    • Extras

      Modifiers to drinks.

    • Dairy Alternatives


      Sub soy, almond, or coconut milk for dairy milk

    • Add Shot/Flavor


      Add a shot of espresso or add Torani or Ghirardelli flavor to drink

    • Blend Beverage

      4.55, 4.95

      Blend beverage for an upcharge as it requires addtional ingredients to obtain the texture

    • Lunch & Breakfast Sandwiches

      Available all day at Stow and Beachwood locations. S indicates sandwiches available at Stow, B indicates sandwiches available at Beachwood.

    • Breakfast Sandwiches

      Served on your choice of plain, asiago, everything or whole wheat bagel. *These sandwiches are vegetarian.


      Bacon, Egg & Cheddar 4.95 S,B

      Sausage, Egg & Cheddar 5.35 S,B

      Ham, Egg & Colby Jack 4.95 S,B

      Salami, Egg, Spinach & Cream Cheese 4.95 S

      Spinach, Onion, Egg & Provolone* 3.95 S,B


    • Lunch Sandwiches

      Served on the bread of your choice (rye, whole wheat, or white) or make it a salad. *These sandwiches are vegetarian.


      Jive Turkey (Turkey, provolone & pepperhouse sauce) 6.85 S,B

      Ham Slam (Ham, cheddar & pepperhouse sauce) 6.85 S

      Guru* (Cream cheese, honey mustard, tomato, cucumber & onion) 6.85 S

      Kennel Club (Turkey, bacon, ham, mayo, provolone & white wine mustard) 7.85 S

      Firehouse Club (Turkey, bacon, cheddar, pepperhouse sauce & hot sauce) 7.85 S,B

      Elysian Fields* (Feta, pecans, cranberries, balsamic, cucumber & onion) 7.85 S,B

      Yardbird (Turkey, bacon, provolone & ranch) 7.85 S

      Turkey Reuben (Turkey, provolone, sauerkraut, 1,000 island & horseradish) 7.85 S

      Jersey Shore (Ham, salami, provolone, mayo & balsamic) 7.85 S,B

      Labrador (Turkey, bacon, cheddar, ranch & hot sauce) 7.85 S

      Golden Lab (Turkey, bacon, colby jack & honey mustard) 7.85 S,B

      Great Dane (Turkey, bacon, ham, salami, cheddar, mayo & white wine mustard) 8.65 S


Come by Nervous Dog and enjoy the taste of the freshest, highest quality coffee and espressos in town... roasted locally, twice a week.

Sip a latte or mocha... Ghirardelli chocolate, Torani Italian flavors, or straight up premium espresso, cappuccino or macchiato- the old-fashioned way, crafted to your taste by our expert baristas.

Traditional cow, or try it with soy, almond, coconut milk, sugar free, decaf. Design your own- we're pretty flexible. Yeah, you can pick up your beans here, too.

Local pastries and desserts, savory, snacks; recklessly unrestricted- or gluten-free, kosher, vegan. In brief, 'mmm, food'.


Relax in the warm, friendly pub atmosphere with your date(s), your best friend, your fams, talk to random patrons, or just reflect. Cozy up to the sound of live music most weekend nights.

Enjoy the outdoor patio seating on warmer days; read the paper, a book, the label on your scarf. (Agreed, 'poly blend' sounds redundant; try not to overthink it.)

Chill out for a few. Work on that presentation, meet a colleague, pick up a game of Scrabble, stare at the wall and daydream, sip your coffee and enjoy the local artist of the month's work featured on our walls.

Meet your community. Or just watch that one guy do that one thing, and appreciate his confident sense of self. It's your place- just enjoy it.


Nestle into your favorite spot and enjoy fresh pastries from local bakeries, hot and creamy chocolate cocoa, all-natural fruit smoothies, or a piping hot Harney & Sons tea while you work or play.

Whatever- we're not your mom. But if you use the restroom, it wouldn't kill you to put the seat down when you're done.

Free WiFi, and it's FAST; we didn't actually type this until tomorrow, and it's already published. Power is readily available to keep that 47" laptop or cell phone going when the Energizer Bunny goes down for his nap. So stick around; you're part of the ambiance.