What is the return policy for Nervous Dog online goods?

We accept returns on all clothing and gear within 30 days after the final sale of the item, all bean and tea sales are final.

How do I know which coffee is right for me?

For each coffee we have a description of taste, aroma, caffeine content, and roast level, as well as breakdowns of what each of these mean to you.

How can I brew my coffee at home?

Any coffee brewing equipment will do, although some do provide certain advantages over others. Nervous Dog coffee can be brewed the same as any other coffee you have had.

What equipment is best for brewing ND coffee?

 Stop by any of our locations and let us make you a cup of single origin coffee with our Trifecta, a customizable single cup brewing system that brings out the subtle nuances of every bean. At home, we recommend a French press to give your coffee the best flavor profile possible, although any standard drip brewer works great as well. 

Where should I store my coffee to keep it freshest?

We recommend buying coffee in expectation to drink it within two weeks for freshness. Coffee should be stored in a vacuum-sealed bag or airtight container. It is a generally accepted myth that refrigerating or freezing your coffee extends its freshness, however, this actually depletes the coffee of the natural moisture it needs to remain fresh.

What goes into grinding coffee and how do I know what is the right grind for me?

The grind of your coffee is best dictated by the method by which you wish to brew it. Using too fine of a grind for something like a French press will not only result in grinds in your cup, but there is also a strong chance the flavor will be bitter and over extracted. Conversely, too coarse of a grind with a drip brewer may result in too weak of flavor. We are happy to advise on the proper grind for your brewing method!

What is the best way to measure my coffee?

Measuring by weight is the most effective way to make sure you are getting the proper amount of coffee. Each bean varies in density and volume therefore measuring them by volume can cause a massive inconsistency in dosage. 


Please call the shop you wish you to make a large coffee order at. We ask that for large coffee orders you give us at least a week’s notice. We offer 96 oz. Joe-to-gos (serves 8 small cups of coffee), 2.5 & 5 gallon cambros (serves 26 or 53 small cups of coffee), and 72 oz. airpots (serves 6 small cups of coffee).


Send us a note about anything! We always welcome and value feedback.

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